Collections & Returns




Different secondary flows are collected by our teams using our container service and through a fixed partnership with an external shipping company.

This allows us to ensure that the transit is as efficient as possible and that the appropriate vehicles are used.


For collecting secondary flows that keep escaping, we install appropriate containers or bioboxes.

During the next collection, these will always be replaced in order to respect the clean-up programme.

Appropriate discharge timeframes for short-term secondary flows ensure the quality of our products for animals.


Should an unexpected need arise (e.g. a fault within the company), we will be on-site as soon as possible to provide you with appropriate vehicles.

We have a sufficient buffer volume in our storage warehouses to be able to store large quantities.



Our goal is to forge a partnership based on trust.

Once a collection request has been placed, we will schedule transport and Farmfeed will take care of all necessary documentation for road transport, ensuring all applicable legislations are respected.

Once the goods have been delivered to us, an email containing a waybill will be sent to your manager.

Each month, we will also send out a detailed overview and, where necessary, a conversion certificate.


We can guarantee the quick and efficient conversion of downgraded foodstuffs.


Contact Information


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