What sets Farmfeed apart is a fixed, step-by-step plan


  • We start by determining exactly how the process for collecting production waste is currently managed by the client/supplier. What flows are left?  How might efficiency be increased?
  • What logistical operations will need to be carried out in order to collect and transport the product?
  • We will then carry out an assessment with the client/supplier in order to identify any possible improvements within the framework of optimising the discharge of secondary flows.


What matters most? Saving time?  Reducing secondary flows?  Cutting back on manual work?

This is generally what generates the most significant added-value.


Lastly, we have a solution for the required discharge of secondary flows. 

This might involve installing a biobox (with or without a lid), bulk containers, baler containers, skips, etc.

This assessment is followed by a quote, with the price constituting a key factor. However, the service and ensuring commitments are kept are also important.


This will allow us to embark upon a sustainable partnership.


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